While I will always try I cannot gurantee christmas delivery but can give christmas sale prices.


This baby dragon is a completely handmade item. The head and feet are cased resin made from an original sculpt by me (so this piece is way more durable than clay) that is attached to a wire armature so it is completely poseable! Horns are formed out of Instamorph which is just as durable as the resin. It is hand painted with acrylic paints, wrapped in batting, so it's nice and squishy, and sewn up in faux fur. is approx 23 inches in length and is the perfect huggable size! Please feel free to ask any questions!

NOTE: This particular piece is priced at a discounted rate due to small bubbles or slight warping on the scales of the back legs and resin seams. 

Aurora Chibi Dragon Art Doll

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