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This vampire bat is a completely handmade item. The head is casted resin made from an original sculpt by me (so this piece is way more durable than clay) that is attached to a wire/ball and socket armature so it is completely poseable! The wings are faux leather and have wire running through them so they can easily open and close! It is hand painted with acrylic paints. Wrapped in batting, so it's nice and squishy, and sewn up in faux fur. Is approx 7 inches in length with a 14 inch wingspan! Please feel free to ask any questions!

Handmade Poseable Charcoal Bat Art Doll



    At this point in time I DO NOT offer refunds or cancellations for premade items. Commissions are a case by case basis due to this I would like to stress and remind everyone to read the descriptions and be aware of what you are 
    purchasing before you hit that purchase button. 

    Although my dolls are made with durable materials If misused they will break. They are not a toy and should be treated with care!  If your item arrives damaged, I will be more than happy to recreate it for you. Just send the item back to me within 2 weeks and I will send you a new one free of charge. If the damage is light I can walk you through fixing the item. If they item is damaged and would like it to be replaced you must notify me within 48 hours of receiving the doll or all claims will become invalid. 


     If the doll breaks within 3 months of owning I will fix it free of charge for you. However you must cover shipping both ways. This option is a case by case basis 

    You are responsible for caring for, maintaining and preserving the doll. Keep dolls away from anything wet (SPECIALLY AIRBRUSHED DOLLS).  Excessive re positioning of the doll can cause metal fatigue, please be aware of this while interacting with your doll and take care not to strain the armature. I cannot be held responsible for any breakages. This does not apply to Ball and socket joints.

    While I have use high quality materials you must be aware that materials may deteriorate over time. Handling,  and poor care of work can lead to degradation in quality over time. Because of this please please before with your doll they are not a toy!


    Please be sure to read the full description of an item before purchasing. Size, color, materials and other important information so you know exactly what you are getting. I