The Nuckelavee is a ooak(one of a kind) completely handmade item. The head was hand sculpted polymer clay over a resin horse skull, while the feet are made of instamorph, a durable plastic material that is attached to a wire armature so it is completely poseable! . It is hand painted with acrylic paints, Wrapped in batting, so it's nice and squishy, and sewn up in faux fur. Featuring gashes that are a mix of glue and instamorph to create the texture. The demon is made out of a new polymer clay called Cosclay! this robust material allows the demon to be posed without breaking! The arms, fingers, neck and spine below the ribs can all be posed. I recommend going slowly and dont push too far as with all things there is a limit before breaking (though I'll be honest I have yet to find that point with this clay so far.) Horse alone is 13 inches tall including the demon it is 18 inches tall. Please feel free to ask any questions!

Nuckelavee Poseable Art Doll

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